Speaker Services

Mr. Langenberg appears regularly in TV and print media and is experienced in speaking to corporate leadership teams, trade organizations and student groups.  An engaging speaker, Brian is funny, dry, and unafraid to challenge his own assumptions (or yours!) and takes a synergistic approach that incorporates not only current conditions but history, politics, trade, culture and - powerful secret algorithms - that will help you think in a different way about the opportunities and challenges that face your organization.  You may not always agree - but you will never be bored!

  • GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL STRATEGY / OUTLOOK – tailored to your industry/company.  We have made multiple unique, significant and successful macro calls since 2011 alone that have enabled clients to manage risk or capture opportunity.  We deploy and leverage 30 years of experience, a disciplined intelligence collection process and deep and broad contacts to anticipate risk and capture opportunity.  Whether you are a corporation, trade organization or investor group our unique take will help you think about your strategic and tactical circumstances in a new light and potentially create, capture or preserve value.
  • VALUE CREATION – drive out waste and achieve sustainable value creation.  Growth for its own sake is often Muda.  Understanding what creates value (ROIC > WACC X Capital Employed) and aligning processes and finance to support strategy.  It also means anticipating change; which is where most mature organizations struggle.
  • WHAT MATTERS IN INVESTING – most mutual fund managers underperform their index over time by up to 50% after incorporating underperformance, fees and tax impact.  While the fund managers are (generally) intelligent, competitive people the structure of financial services is geared for asset and fee gathering.  We can help you understand how to find those costs.
  • HOW (NOT) TO SELECT A COLLEGE – Our higher education footprint is rife with bloated costs, low standards and administrator self interest driving the activities.  Over the past 30 years bureaucrats per student (and tuition) has climbed 250%.  If your child has a full ride to Harvard congratulations.  If not I am passionate about helping parents and students avoid being sucked in by big promises and poor delivery.  (Speech is free for parent, student, or youth organizations).

To book Brian to speak to your team, organization, conference, corporate or community event, please email Brian@Langenberg-llc.com.