Selected briefings prepared for students and globally aware contacts

2020.02.22 Covid & Men Highlighting CCP pressure to downplay Covid.

2020.09.26 China, Russia, Civil War the Sequel Importance of disentangling from China on IP. Red/Blue State Unemployment.

2020.10.03 Following the Money Tracking corporate cash in the 2020 election.

2020.10.10 Polls, Violence, and Gender Politics. We adjust fake polls by 3-12% points. Presidential elections by gender. Violence against black republicans.

 2020.10.31 China Containment, Domestic Violence and a Mulled Coup Analysis of 1860, 1864 elections and the plan to contest the 2020 election no matter what (Transition Integrity Project).

 2020.11.07 Google Psyops & Lots of Questions Initial analysis.

2020.12.12 Election Drama & The Greatest Comedian Ever Jennifer Zheng (Inconvenient Truth) preserves video of Professor Di Dongsheng bragging to 500,000 people about how the CCP owns the U.S. (With links to the video).

2021.01.23 Drunken Sailor Monetary & Fiscal Policy Driving High Expectations Bomber flights, lawsuits and people voting with their feet. How nine companies represent 26% of the stock market.

2021.02.13 Memo to Millennials: You Are Fucked. Why the rich can’t pay, half the country won’t and every 25 year old will work 4-11 extra years to pay interest on debt or feed someone else’s kids. No b.s. – it’s the math.

2021.02.20 Appeasement Is In, Facebook Arrogance Goes Global, and Crypto! Disastrous trends in foreign policy, Black History Month and wonderful, impartial advice from Dilbert creator Scott Adams on evaluating news.

2021.03.14 Bitcoin for Billionaires, Bullets for Peasants Analyzing the integrated racial division / social unrest strategy of George Soros, Leftist Democrat U.S. Attorneys and AntiFa street thugs.

2021.03.27 Oil, AMLO and a Boat… Green New Deal, Commies & Thugs Style, Taiwan analysis, Pissing off Mexico with a “too easy” border policy and – most important – follow the (oil) money.