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Brian K. Langenberg, CFA leads the North American Industrial Sector M&A practice of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, an international team of mergers and acquisitions specialists that advise middle market companies, with the mission of maximizing their value.

ONEtoONE Corporate Finance Group is a leading Global Digital Investment Bank, specializing in Corporate Finance advisory services, serving the middle-market through a collaboration of its over 100 professional partners.

ONEtoONE has a powerful worldwide infrastructure of offices and professionals that specialize in every aspect of financial services and has executed over 1,000 mandates across an array of sectors. This experience gives us a unique edge in the middle market.

We provide our clients with financial advisory services to sell their companies at the best valuation, move into new markets through acquisitions or investments, strengthen their existing market position through a merger, allow the entry of new parties, draw up a strategic plan, raise capital or value their businesses correctly and accurately. We also work with private equity firms to find new businesses to acquire worldwide and in specific industry sectors – and selectively co-invest in transactions.

With more than 100 senior finance and industry professionals, ONEtoONE helps find, attract, and close deals with the best target for any transaction, thus maximizing the value of a deal. Founded in Madrid, Spain in 2004, the firm has grown internationally and in 2016 expanded into the USA and Canada, adding offices and Partners in New York City, Washington DC, Dallas, Chicago or Calgary.

As experts in Corporate Finance, our 360º methodology provides a framework and set of tools specifically designed to reduce transaction time and maximize value for our clients. Our extensive team, databases, and processes allow us to conduct worldwide searches to locate and interest the best possible counter-party for our clients’ transactions. 

Inquiries into Corporate Finance Services are directed to: